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Myofascial Release

Free 20 Minute Inquiry Call

Wondering if John Barnes Myofascial Release is the best treatment for you?  Please call and I'd be happy to discuss your particular case to see if partnering with me at The Healing Journey is the right fit!

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Inital Evaluation and Treatment

A thorough and complete medical history and full body evaluation is an integral part of my approach to treating the whole person, not just a symptom in isolation.

This 60 minute session will begin with a medical history discussion, a full body evaluation, and will be followed by a Myofascial Release Treatment.


1-Hour Follow-up MFR session

At each subsequent session, we will re-cap the last session, discuss how you are feeling, do a quick "mini-evaluation," and also a complete Myofascial Release Treatment Session.  As your therapy progresses, you will also be taught an individualized home self-care program.

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