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Myofascial Release

Reiki Treatment

John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFBMFR) treats the largest, most ignored, and under-appreciated organ in our body… the FASCIA!  The fascia is a 3-demenisional web of connective tissue that runs continuous from head to toe in our bodies.  It covers and interpenetrates all our bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, brain, internal organs, and reaches all the way to the cellular level!  Therefore, the fascia can have an influence on all systems of the body.  The fascia is a glide-system and should be able to stretch and move easily. Insults such as injury, surgery, trauma, inflammation, and chronic stress, however, can cause restrictions in the fascial glide system putting pressure on pain sensitive structures such as nerves and muscles.  This in-turn throws our body into dysfunction and stops us from doing the things we need to and love to do!  

Fascial restrictions do not show up on standardized tests such as X-rays, MRI’s, and CAT scans, so frequently they are missed by Western medicine doctors.  A therapist who is trained in JFBMFR will look at your entire body in body in both standing and laying down on the table. We can visualize lines of tension and feel for areas that are tight, hard, or tender. Your symptoms are just the “tip of the iceberg”…our visual assessment, hands-on assessment, and feedback from you during your treatment, all help to pinpoint the true cause of where your symptoms are originating.  When we can unroot that cause, and work beyond your symptoms, you will regain your ability to do the things you love quicker and more fully!  You will also learn how to treat yourself at home and how to take an active role in your healing!  

For more information on fascia, myofascial release, and the "father" of MFR, John F. Barnes, please visit John Barnes' website at:

Want to find a John Barnes trained Myofascial Release therapist for a friend or family member who is not in the area? Log onto MFR Health to find a directory of John Barnes trained therapists in the US and other countries across the globe!

Rachele alongside her mentor and the "father of Myofascial Release," John Barnes

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